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Toward a High-Performance Mind

Product-Led-Growth Stage

As a tech leader, the amount of pressure and information you are asked to absorb and manage can be overwhelming.
Many tech leaders experience an overload of new priorities, information, and deadlines. These reduce productivity and kick off a negative feedback loop: Leadership performance drops, cognitive abilities exhaust, and more energy needs to be invested, only to achieve fewer outcomes.

Why is this?
The untrained mind, sometimes also called the “monkey mind,” generates mostly random thoughts rapidly, rehashing the past or planning the future, which can be very distracting (sometimes also quite negative) and represents a major source of stress.

In this talk, Reiner provides an overview of mind-management, which goes well beyond meditation.
He found proof of its effectiveness as he built the Zalando’s Search, Personalization, and Research organization with up to 400 FTEs. Most importantly, it felt way less trouble than he had back then with smaller organizations he led back in Silicon Valley. 

The main driver for this had been the mind-management practices he implemented and refined over the years. After studying various aspects of mind-management, neuroscience, biohacking, epigenetics, mindfulness, as well as neurofeedback for over 10 years, he now helps tech leaders avoid failing in their careers because they have no science-driven strategy to manage their minds. For this, he has developed a data-driven 12-week training program leveraging the latest science and technology to assist senior tech leaders in optimizing their mind and brain performance to thrive in high-pressure environments. 

The talk provides an overview of the journey of how someone can achieve a High-Performance Mind as well. 


Dr. Reiner Kraft

Former CTO, VP Engineering Zalando, Silicon Valley Veteran.

Former CTO helps Tech Leaders establish solid Mind-Management practices to supercharge their careers while remaining calm, focussed and assertive in complex environments.