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Digitale Leute – Build Better Products


Lean Business Experiments

November 15th, 10am to 5pm

About the workshop

It is common-sense that product success depends in particular on building the right product and the right features with our limited resources. But how can this be done in a structured way?

We’ll show you why an experiment-based approach will get you ahead. We start with how to leanly model the business model behind your product and identify and prioritize the underlying assumptions.

In the afternoon, we’ll give you a repertoire of lightweight experiments to cover almost any use case. At the end, we will design a very concrete experiment together to validate a new business idea.

Language: German

After the workshop, you will know …

… several experiments that you could use to investigate assumptions in a lean, cheap and fast way. To do this, you can identify and prioritize the assumptions in your business model as a team. In short, you know how to develop products in a truly agile way.

Who should attend

This workshop is for anyone who is involved in planning new product ideas or features on a professional or part-time basis.

About the hosts

Frederik Vosberg

I’ve worked as a software engineer for a small start-up to change the world and get rich through my shares. Unfortunately, this start-up failed the same way many do. Our niche wasn’t focused enough, so the MVP was too big to implement it with the resources at our hands. Eventually, this drove me to build a business unit that helps corporates to apply start-up techniques.

Timothy Krechel

I failed reaching product market fit with my own startup. Having been through this painful experience myself and seeing others make the same mistakes in different environments (corporates, founders) made me focus on early product validation whenever I am launching something new and share it!