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Join our opening keynote — Product Management Expert Roman Pichler talks about the Curse or Blessing of Product Roadmaps

25. September 2023

Stating the obvious, product roadmaps are an important Product Management tool. After all, the journey from that first „aha“ moment to the actual launch of a product can often seem daunting. This is where the concept of a product roadmap becomes critically important. Product roadmaps serve as invaluable planning tools that break down an ambitious vision into manageable stages to bring a product to market successfully. These roadmaps enable product development teams to stay on track and quickly adjust their plans if work goes beyond the defined scope or deviates from the actual goal.

Yet, as we know, traditional feature-based roadmaps are difficult to use for digital products where change and uncertainty are present for most of their life cycle. And that begs the question, what’s the future of product roadmaps? How can one successfully use a modern, results-oriented roadmap to achieve the desired outcome?

It is an important issue and one reason why we are thrilled that Roman Pichler, Product Management expert, coach and book author, will join us for a keynote at this year’s Digitale Leute Summit in Cologne.

Join Roman’s opening keynote on Nov 8th

Roman’s keynote at the Digitale Leute Conference, „The Product Roadmap — A Curse or Blessing for Product People?“ will address the challenges of using traditional feature-based roadmaps for digital products and offer insights into how product managers can create effective, outcome-based roadmaps that align stakeholders, unburden product backlogs, and preserve flexibility.

About Roman Pichler: Roman is a well-known Product Management expert, coach, and author with over 15 years of experience. He has worked with a range of companies, from startups to Fortune 500 firms, to help them develop successful product strategies and roadmaps. As an author, he has published several books on product management, including „Strategize: Product Strategy and Product Roadmap Practices for the Digital Age“ and „Agile Product Management with Scrum,“ which became bestsellers in the product management community. Roman’s influence extends beyond the written word; he has shared his knowledge with countless product managers worldwide and is a certified Scrum trainer and guest lecturer at prestigious universities.

Besides his consulting and educational work, Roman maintains a blog on his website, romanpichler.com and hosts a well-received podcast. Through these platforms, he generously shares his deep insights and valuable tips on product management. His approach strongly emphasises results-oriented thinking, continuous learning, and agility in product management.

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