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Digitale Leute – Build Better Products


Empowering with Strong Strategies

Main Stage

How do you identify, select and define the right Product Strategy? How do you connect it to execution and align the entire company towards the same goals?
In this talk, Nacho will walk you through practical frameworks and tools to identify insights, selects the ones that create an advantage, and synthesize them into strategic drivers. He will also show you how to divide drivers into actionable opportunities to include in roadmaps and OKRs.
The results of applying these tools are for example to multiply results, with increased team alignment and autonomy. To align everyone with the right opportunities, ignoring other distractions and to grow in your strategic skills to level up in your career.


Nacho Bassino

Product Leadership Coach at Product Direction. Former Director of Product Management at XING.

Nacho Bassino is a product leader, coach, speaker and author with over 15 years of product leadership experience in different companies and industries, holding positions as CPO at Bestday and Director at XING. He coached Product Managers and Leaders in multinational companies, and created PM training programs, classes and mentorships with different institutes and universities (MIT, Endeavor, ProductLeague, Hero Camp). He currently offers courses, workshops, and coaching at productdirection.co. He regularly writes and podcasts, and is the author of Product Direction, a book about creating product strategies and aligning their execution through strategic roadmaps and OKRs.