Tinder’s new feature “Swipe Night” is a textbook example of how to innovate an existing product with new and exciting content, that enriches the core experience of the product instead of harming it. At the Digitale Leute Summit, Senior Engineer Serve Vartanov explains, how the idea for Swipe Night was created and executed in a ridiculously short amount of time.  

From Ideation to Market in a Matter of Months 

More than two million users jumped on Tinder’s new feature „Swipe Night“ within the first 6 hours of its US premiere. It was a stunning success for the groundbreaking project that, for the first time, brought original content production and real-time concurrency into the match-making experience of the dating platform.

In this fireside chat, Serge Vartanov, Senior Backend Engineer on Tinder Z-Team, discusses how the engineering team was involved in the creation of the new „choose your own adventure“ video feature and how they tackled the challenges of a project that had never been done before. Serge explains how the Z-Team was able to rapidly build and deploy new capabilities to intentionally deliver a content-driven experience native to how Tinder’s Gen-Z audience interacts. You will learn how the team took Swipe Night from ideation to market in less than four months. By breaking down an ambitious feature into concrete targets, they could launch new capabilities to users around the world on a weekly cadence.

About Serge

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Serge Vartanov is Senior Backend Engineer on the Tinder Z-Team, where he’s focused on how Gen Z users between the age of 18 to 23 experience dating in the context of their entire digital social lives. Before Tinder, Serge served as Chief Marketing Officer of AutoGravity. He led various teams to transform automotive retailing for millions of car buyers. Serge holds an MBA with distinction from Harvard University and graduated Phi Beta Kappa from the University of California, Berkeley.

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