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Digitale Leute – Build Better Products

Deep dive into innovative digital products with this year’s Tech Demos at DL Summit 2022

03. November 2022

This year, we have gathered interesting and inspiring companies who will share deep insights and important learnings with you in their tech demos. In the Q&A parts, you can get all the answers to your questions and learn how to use these tools in your daily work.

The dedicated stage is accessible with every ticket category, even with the Lounge Ticket, you can attend any talk from 9:30 am to 6:30 pm.

Deep dive into product insights with a Digital Analytics Platform

In this session, Olli will demonstrate how product analytics are the key to answering questions like:

During this tech demo, you will learn how digital analytics is a great tool to help you improve the overall usability of your product and learn more about user behaviour and preferences. You will get to see what experimentation will enable you to do and how these insights will lead to better results, higher conversions and faster growth.

Have a sneak peek: Amplitude

How to upgrade your MVP into a fully-fledged SaaS application that enables you to grow your business

When you start developing a new product, you will most likely start with building an MVP. This initial MVP will cover only essential core functionalities. Subsequently, once you have traction, you want to upgrade your app to a fully-fledged application. For this, you need the most common SaaS features, such as social sign-ins, a granular notification structure, message center, and much more. In this demo, you will see how you can achieve this in a matter of hours by adding fully functional and highly customizable UI components and leveraging existing feature APIs.

Have a sneak peek: ROQ Tech

How to scale your Frontend — Building for team independence with the customer in mind

Like many fast-growing companies, Kaufland e-commerce reached a point where a centralized monolith no longer scaled. As requirements, products and teams grew, the monolithic approach was not only a bottleneck for the velocity but also for the areas of responsibility of the various teams.
A new and more contemporary approach was needed, and it came in the form of Micro-Frontends. This promised to eliminate the most urgent problems. Kaufland e-commerce became faster, more independent and could scale.
Jakob and Nikodem tell the story of their journey and gradual migration from a monolith, to many-SPA, to their framework-agnostic AppShell architecture.

Have a sneak peek: Kaufland e-commerce

How to find hidden friction points and perfect the UX with Digital Experience Intelligence

Don’t settle for data that just tells you „what“ is happening. FullStory automatically and retroactively captures every interaction thanks to Autocapture, so you can also uncover the „why“ behind problems and opportunities on your website or app. Oskar will show how DXI helps you make decisions based on real user experiences: Find and prioritize bugs easily and quickly, identify the business impact of new features, and share user journey insights directly with your teams.

Have a sneak peek: FullStory

Free up your WordPress business: How creatives save time and effort with managed WordPress hosting

To survive against the competition, websites need to be fast and easy to manage. With the example of our Agency Partner Contunda, Navid and Ralf will show you how it is done. They will share Contunda’s success story with you, from self-made hosting to managed WordPress hosting at Raidboxes. Raidboxes’s green hosting guarantees high-performing and secure websites that you can manage effortlessly in a single dashboard — while protecting the future of the planet.

Have a sneak peek: Raidboxes

MobiLab Cloud FinOps Dashboard: Creating the basis for data-driven cost management decisions in the Cloud

While companies try to leverage the full potential of the Cloud, they also struggle to get familiar with evolving new services and pricing models the Cloud offers. MobiLab enables customers to make data-driven decisions on a real-time basis while using the Cloud.
Discover the tools and technologies MobiLab uses to make Cloud cost management easier and more understandable. Experience how cost control and innovation can go hand in hand to support dev teams in their daily work.

MobiLab will show you why Cloud FinOps is a challenge but also a fun topic to invest in. Join MobiLab on the Cloud FinOps journey!

Have a sneak peek: MobiLab Solutions

You do not only want to listen to our top-notch speakers on how to build better digital products but also learn from our experts in a full-day workshop on many different topics, such as…

… then our Expert Ticket is the right choice for you  — It gives you access to one of the Pre-Workshops as well as our Conference Day on Nov 16th. For detailed information, please click on the button below.

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