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Digitale Leute – Build Better Products


Practical Product Strategy to enable outcome-oriented decision-making

November 15th - 10am to 6pm

About the workshop

„Product Strategy is about creating an explicit set of choices that allow Product Teams to say no to distractions and say yes to opportunities that matter.“

This workshop teaches you practical tools and processes to create and communicate actionable Product Strategy. In it, you’ll learn about helpful frameworks for your everyday work and apply them to your situation.

Language: English

Have a look at Tim’s talk at DL Summit 2021!

After the workshop, you will be able to:

Understand how your Product Vision has to inform your Product Strategy and how to co-create it. Prioritize user segments worth focusing on and how to pick sustainable differentiators from your alternatives. Fill the gaps of your Strategy by deriving actionable Product Discovery priorities. Execute your Product Strategy by connecting it to your OKRs, and Product Roadmap

Who should attend

  • Heads of Product and VPs of Product looking for a new perspective on enabling the goal-definition and decision-making of product teams and departments.
  • (Senior) Product Managers who want to provide their product teams with clarity and inspiration beyond the next Sprint. Product Ops Managers, Agile Coaches, and Scrum Masters want to support product teams beyond Scrum rituals.
  • UX and Engineering Product Team members want to engage in continuous strategic discussions beyond Product Delivery.“

About the host

Tim Herbig is working as a Product Management Coach with product managers and teams worldwide to connect the dots through empathy and structure. By introducing confidence and skills to their way of working, he ensures that they can and want to own their Product Strategy, Goals, and Product Discovery.

They don’t pick techniques and techniques but make progress. Tim has worked in various roles as a Product Manager and Head of Product for more than ten years. He constantly challenged himself to make an evidence-informed way of working in publishing, professional networking, and building Enterprise-level SaaS applications. He knows what it takes to balance large-scale product iterations with the scrappiness of a pre-Product-Market-Fit state.