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Curtis Stanier from Delivery Hero about 6 Diagrams to explain Product Management

26. Januar 2021

In 2020 we brought to you our international speaker lineup of our Digitale Leute Summit as a Remote Edition. In this series of articles, you will get the recordings from our conference to grow and learn from experts in tech, design, and product. Because we believe that software-product people are the ones that create the future. Read our recap of Digitale Leute Summit – Remote Edition here. Signup for news updates here.

In this talk, Curtis addresses 6 topics in Product Management, which help people articulate concepts and learn from problems within their own organizations using visuals. Learn in a quick and intuitive way:

About Curtis Stanier
Curtis is a Group Product Manager who loves helping people and organizations use technology to solve business problems. With over eight years of building tech teams, he has worked in both Enterprise IT and Scale-Up companies from the BBC/Atos through to HelloFresh and Delivery Hero. Curtis also mentors other Product Managers through dedicated sessions, Medium articles, and podcast appearances.

LinkedIn: Curtis Stanier

Watch all Summit Talks in our magazine or on YouTube.

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