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Mind-Management and Biohacking for Tech Leaders

November 15th - 10am to 5pm

About the workshop

You will dive deep into the following methods, learn how to use suitable methods, and acquire the know-how to track the right KPIs for yourself.

An Introduction to Mind-Management: 

  • Be Aware: Increase your level of present awareness (LPA) and ability of self-reflection
  • Relax: Developing a strategy for ongoing recovery and balance  
  • Letting Go: The regular mental shower to flush out old useless & stressful limiting thoughts and false beliefs that drain your energy
  • Identify & Inquire: Debug and upgrade your thinking to new levels 
  • Forming healthy habits: Replace and instill more helpful and powerful ways to upgrade your “mind software”

Increase your Resilience & Energy Levels:

  • Intro into biohacking, a data-driven approach to manage your health and well-being based on proven bio-markers 
  • Sleep optimization 
  • Intro to intermittent fasting
  • Overview of ketogenic (“bulletproof”) diet with carb cycling 
  • Most important supporting micro nutrients 
  • An effective minimal exercise routine and strength training 
  • Learn about the latest technology that supports you in your journey
  • Clean your body of toxins and heavy metals, and develop a continuous detox strategy
  • Boost and increase your mitochondria on a cellular level

After the workshop, participants will be able to map out a step-by-step plan for himself on how to start his personal bio-hacking and mind management journey.

Language: Englisch or German if the complete audience is german-speaking

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Who should attend

The workshop is designed for anyone managing complexity in large-scale tech environments that wish to understand how to control his mind and optimize physical performance.

Primary audience: All C-Level and senior roles like CTO, Lead Engineering, Head of Products, Product Managers, Technical Program Managers

About the host

Dr. Reiner Kraft is a former CTO and seasoned technology leader. While working in silicon valley for 20 years at Yahoo and IBM, and later as VP Engineering for Zalando in Berlin, CTO @ Yunar (from Deutsche Bank), he gained extensive experience in successfully building and scaling technology organizations of various sizes. Today at themindfulleader.net, he helps technology leaders to increase their self-awareness, resilience & energy levels while being a sparring partner to build impactful and purposeful tech organizations. He is also a member of Dave Asprey’s “Upgrade Collective”, a comprehensive mentorship program to become the best version of you!


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