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Michael Neudert from sipgate about how to include the Lean Startup Methodology in a corporate

05. Januar 2021

In 2020 we brought to you our international speaker lineup of our Digitale Leute Summit as a Remote Edition. In this series of articles, you will get the recordings from our conference to grow and learn from experts in tech, design, and product. Because we believe that software-product people are the ones that create the future. Read our recap of Digitale Leute Summit – Remote Edition here. Signup for news updates here.

The Lean Startup Methodology has given us valuable tools for validating our business ideas – but how can you turn the theory into practice? And is Lean Startup practicable if your company is not a Startup? Three years ago, we developed the app „satellite“ and turned it into a successful product with hundreds of thousands of users. Now we enhance the app for business customers, once again starting at zero. In this talk, I will compare the process and tools we applied in these two journeys and share our insights in finding the right MVP.

About Michael Neudert
Michael is a founding member of satellite, an in-house startup of the telephone provider sipgate. For the launch in 2018, he was in charge of planning and implementing the communication strategy. Since then, he has been responsible for satellite’s product communication and marketing. Currently, he is part of the team conceiving a new satellite product for the business market.

LinkedIn: Michael Neudert

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