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Everything you need to know about Digitale Leute Summit 2019

09. Oktober 2018

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More international speakers, more expertise, and plenty of room to network with speakers and exhibitors: Get to know the latest methods of developing digital products at Digitale Leute Summit 2019!

How do cross-functional teams from Tech, Product, and Design have to work together to develop large-scale products? That was the leading question at the first Digital People Summit in Cologne last year. As befits a product conference, we asked the participants for feedback – and they flooded us with it! They confirmed what we asumed: There’s a need for  such a conference in Germany. Today we present to you the next iteration of our product development conference with the motto „at the Intersection of Tech, Product, and Design.“

Maximum expertise

Our international top speakers present cases, key learnings and studies that derive directly from their daily work. On three large stages and two galleries on Thursday, November 28, we will dive deep into these topics.  

To ensure that you profit from all 46 slots on a maximum level, we have worked out each topic beforehand with the more than 40 speakers in intensive calls and also, we briefed the moderators extensively.

There will be 36 slots on three stages with the following formats:

Five breakout sessions will take place at each of the two galleries. These will be one-hour, small interactive rounds on specialist topics such as Data Visualization, Design Sprints, or Machine Learning.

Workshop-Banner für den Artikel zum Digitale Leute Summit 2019.

Nine intensive workshops

We offer you the most intensive format of the Summit with our nine workshops on Wednesday, November 27th. Our top hosts will work with you on specific topics and share their expert knowledge and years of experience. The workshops were fully booked last year, so this year, we’re giving you three times the choice: 

  1. Product Discovery Essentials with Jan Milz & Nikkel Blaase
  2. Domain Driven Design with Aminata Sidibe & Oliver Tigges
  3. Beyond Agile – Build Better Products at Airbnb with Colleen Graneto (SOLD)
  4. Bridging the Gap – Using Design Thinking and Agile to Build Better Products
  5. Design Sprints on Steroids with Niels Anhalt
  6. Rapid Prototyping with Robert Jänisch
  7. OKRs in Agile Product Development with Sonja Mewes & Tim Herbig
  8. AI Envisioning: How to find and describe valuable AI solutions to improve your business!
  9. Understanding Product Management at Amazon Alexa with Khushboo Jha

The new location, one app for everything and an atmospheric finale

With the Palladium, we move to one of the best and most famous locations in Cologne, where stars like Scooter, Fettes Brot, and Lizzo bring the masses to the boil. The former mechanical engineering hall offers 3500 square metres of space for three stages of almost the same size. So there’s always room in the audience and you’re guaranteed to be able to visit every session on the agenda that you picked. 

Do you like to network with other visitors at the conference? No problem! Visit the lounges of Sipgate and Unicorn Workspaces, preferably during one of the two coffee breaks or for lunch, which is included in the ticket price! This way, you can concentrate fully on the conference. And don’t worry: For the carnivores among you, there is an alternative to vegan lunch and dinner.

With our new network app „Talque„, you are always up-to-date. You can find the complete program and save the sessions you’d like to see in your calendar even before the conference. You can also find all speakers and participants in the app and make appointments with them prior to the event. With the floorplan, you get an overview of all stages, catering stations, networking areas and exhibitors. All participants will receive an invitation to the app in time via e-mail.

Last but not least: At our new bookstall, you can exchange ideas with the authors of current technical literature from product management. Of course, you can also find the location of this literature booth in the Talque app.

Electronic Art Festival, party, and networking deep into the night!

As last year, we will celebrate the end of the conference with Art@Tech. After dinner at 6 p.m., we will turn the Palladium into a festival and party location. Interactive art installations, live music, and lots of drinks are waiting for you. We are especially looking forward to the electro duo „Komplement“ as our live act of the evening. The Cologne-based band is primarily known for its atmospheric synth sounds, pulsating beats and melancholic sounds. Later on, DJ Julian Stetter takes over the turntables. 

We are looking forward to seeing you!

Special offer for teams: Buy 4 and get 5 tickets!

Die Band Cylvester auf dem Digitale Leute Summit 2018.
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