Learn in this video with Nikki how to decide which user research methods to choose from, how to effectively follow up after a design sprint, and why persuading your boss that user research is essential is not a good method.

Nikki draws from her seven years of experience in the field, navigating through different challenges and opportunities. She has worked for a range of different companies, from tiny startups to established organizations, and has come to find the challenges in both. Nikki also uses her experience as a freelancer, and a full-time employee, to help answer all types of challenges you may be facing.

Effective User Research

In this video, Nikki Anderson answers the following questions:
  • How do you decide what user research methods to choose and why?
  • Design Sprint now what? How to effectively follow up after a design sprint was conducted with the development team?
  • How to persuade your boss that research is essential for product development.
  • Science vs practice – How do you manage those two sides?
  • How do we find out how much value we provide to the customer?
  • How do you enable people in other departments to do research themself?
  • How to get rid of that one old page that always converts better than everything we test against it?

About Nikki Anderson
Nikki has worked as a user researcher in all types of areas, ranging from small start-ups to larger corporations, such as HelloFresh and Zalando. In between her role as an in-house researcher, she has been also been a freelance researcher and worked with clients such as Wiley Online Publishing. In addition to being a user researcher, Nikki also writes about and teaches user research. She is a contract writer for dscout and Respondent.io, and writes extensively on Medium.

LinkedIn: Nikki Anderson

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