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Are you the next talent they are looking for? Meet top tech companies at DL Summit 2022 and take your career to the next level

07. November 2022

This year, we have once again attracted interesting and exciting companies for you at the Digitale Leute Summit in Cologne. Today we would like to introduce you to the partners who are looking for talents, like you and me, and would like to present to you open job ads from the areas of Product, Software Development and UX/Design. In this article, you will get to know what precisely these jobs are and what else you can expect.

Welcome to our brand-new stage at this year’s summit: The Talent Stage

At this stage, in-house product managers, designers and developers from top companies in the digital world will present their job vacancies and give an exciting insight into the company and their day-to-day work.

Your benefit: If you are interested in jobs at this company and would like to apply, you are welcome to get in touch live on-site and exchange relevant information in a personal conversation.

This is who we are: Kaufland e-commerce

What do start-up culture, agility, and the Schwarz Group have in common? That’s right, Kaufland e-commerce! Several years ago, what started as a small tech company evolved into one of the leading online marketplaces (Kaufland.de), finally merging with the Schwarz Group in 2021. Christel will give you insights into the company culture and the journey and development of Kaufland e-commerce throughout the years. Come and find out!

Be free and wild, and creative at Raidboxes!

In this presentation, Lisa will tell you about how she came to Raidboxes. What were her main reasons and biggest motivations to start working for a WordPress host – even though she had no experience and interest in hosting before? Besides her story, Lisa will give you insights into the culture of holocracy in the company, the benefit-system and current job openings. Are you ready to shape the digital industry with Raidboxes? Then join them on Nov 16th at our Talent Stage.

What do good software and good coffee have in common?

Developing software for 100,000 users is not easy. Making really delicious coffee isn’t, either. At first glance, the two don’t have much to do with each other. But if you look closer, they have a lot in common: You can get feedback on both. Both have quality criteria. Both have users and makers. They need a common language. To improve both, you have to make conscious decisions and compromises.

Tastes like CI-Spirit!

What can you expect? Real #Digitalisierungsverwirklicher, real CI insights and a piece of #yellowlovestory. You will hear, see and taste exactly what this means when you join our session with UX Designer Daniela and BI Consultant Tim at the DLS day opener on the Talent Stage.

Beyond Juggling | The Fascinating Role of Product Owners at OBI next

What is a Product Owner? Following the Scrum Guide, the Product Owner owns the Backlog, breaking down epics into features and stories that hopefully fit into the next iteration and of course, the Product Owner is responsible for maximizing the product’s value. Besides that, the Product Owner has a lot of other tasks to juggle. How to avoid struggling? Not explained.

Building upon this maybe exaggerated interpretation, Nils will go beyond juggling and introduce Craftsmanship as the basic principle of OBI next’s understanding of the Product Owner’s role as a profession within „Digital Product Craftsmanship“ in the sense of a craftsman’s art.

Working @ SKOPOS to ensure the BEST EXPERIENCE EVER

SKOPOS is a group of six specialized units based in Aachen, Cologne & Munich, drawing on 25 years of experience in the areas of CX, UX, Data Science, Market and Mystery Research. We help clients such as Porsche, BOSCH, Rewe, IKEA and GLS deliver the BEST EXPERIENCE EVER to users and consumers.

We are young, dynamic, passionate, and always looking for bright minds and smart developers. We will give you an insight into various projects and show you what the day of a UX researcher, data scientist or community manager looks like.

You do not only want to listen to our top-notch speakers on how to build better digital products but also learn from our experts in a full-day workshop on many different topics, such as…

… then our Expert Ticket is the right choice for you  — It gives you access to one of the Pre-Workshops as well as our Conference Day on Nov 16th. For detailed information, please click on the button below.

Announcement #DL Summit Workshop: Practical Product Strategy to enable outcome-oriented decision-making
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