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Digitale Leute - Build Better Products.
"If I would have to describe the event for someone who hasn't been here I will definitely say INSPIRATION in one word. It's inspiring and you know that you got to go back home and will be full of energy and it reminds you how much you love your craft."
Daria Tarawneh
Head of User Experience at Amazon Web Services
"The Digitale Leute Summit covers both, the technology and the product track, which was a good reason for me to attend."
Robert Stephenson
Senior Product Manager at Spotify
"I like the venue, I like the setup and the organisation. I also like that it's at the intersection between product, engineer and design which is key to build great products."
Nesrine Changuel
Product Manager at Google Meet
„Very dynamic! Here are a lot of people from different industries - from real-estate to automotive to consulting. So it’s been really interesting to talk about those different angles and how everybody is tackling/building different things but using the same sorts of approaches.“
Brian Dammeir
President - North America at Adyen
„I feel a little bit like a celebrity. It’s an amazing venue, there are all these lights and the energy is really high - one of the more cool and trendy events I’ve ever been to. Definitely more trendy than in the US.“
Jessica Kirkpatrick
Former Data Scientist at Slack
„Mir fällt auf, dass es Themen sind, die sehr ehrlich sind und sich tatsächlich mit den day-to-day Problemen von Product, Tech und Designern beschäftigen.“
Kistina Walcker-Mayer
Former Product Lead at N26
"I really like the cross functional aspect of Digitale Leute where it is not just about product managers or not just about UX or Engineers - but it’s cross functional!“
Mark Abraham
Head of Product - Engagement at Asos