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Welcome to the Digitale Leute Summit – Remote Edition

10. September 2020

Join this year’s Digitale Leute Summit presented as a full-fledged Remote Edition experience – for free!

We had many ideas for our third Digitale Leute Summit: A more extensive experience with more locations, more stages, more formats, and more attendees.

Our Team waited as long as it could to decide if we should stick to a physical event or move to a digital version. Despite having “digital” in our name, we loved our last two real-life conferences with more than 1500 international product people.

We are very proud that almost 50 percent of our last year’s speakers have been international guests. Due to the COVID pandemic, it is not possible to repeat this experience for the foreseeable future.

Therefore, we will bring our international lineup as a remote edition to your screen! Join us on November 9th and 10th from wherever you are. We will offer fireside chats, talks, and discussions about what moves the product development world.

Check out the first speakers here. We will publish our schedule in the following weeks.

With the help of our fantastic sponsors, we can offer you this experience for free. But you can support us, too! 😉 If you like surprises, you might enjoy our Supporter Ticket. It gives you full access to the conference, the networking tool, and the wake-up coffee DJ set. But on top, you will receive a “Surprise Goodie Bag” with our premium stickers, a free ticket for our Remote Academy, and our lifelong gratitude!

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