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Podcast Episode 24: Marc Abraham about his role as Product Ownership Practice Lead at Asos

18. Dezember 2019

Marc talks in this episode about how he is working with over 30 Product Owners to establish product ownership at Asos.com, an e-commerce company that had a sales revenue of approximately 3.1 billion Euro in 2019, as well as how Marc is setting up product tanks worldwide as the Global Product Tank Coordinator.

About the Podcast
Digitale Leute Insights is the podcast for passionate product people. We interview product developers from around the world and take a closer look at their tools and tactics.
Host: Tim Herbig

When Marc speaks about his career, his first step into professional work surprises: For the first four years of his career, Mark worked as a corporate lawyer in his hometown Amsterdam, concentrating on mergers and acquisitions. He describes his next years as “quite a journey,” where he moves from jurisprudence to project management and then to product management. Over the next ten years, his path led him to over a dozen companies and roles in product management. He now works at Asos where he supplements the Head of Product with whatever a large organization such as Asos demands. 

In this episode you will learn: 

I try to demystify the role of a product manager.

LinkedIn: Marc Abraham

About the Host
Tim Herbig is well-known to longtime followers of Digitale Leute. He is a regular host of our Podcast, has spoken at our first Summit in 2018 and held multiple workshops, like his „Lateral Leadership Masterclass.“ at the Digitale Leute Summit 2018 as well as his workshop in 2019 “OKRs in Agile Product Development”. As if that was not enough to keep him busy, Tim is also a book author and trainer on product management, leadership, and team collaboration. Previously, he worked in digital product development at Iridion, Xing, Gruner + Jahr, and several startups. 

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