When Ann-Lee joined Eyeo in 2014 user research started on a greenfield. In this episode, she explains how user research looks like in a privacy-driven company like Eyeo and which tools and methods she uses for a diary study she did for the android team.

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Host: Christoph Bresler
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Ann-Lee’s turning point in her career was when she worked in product marketing at Google in New York. As the company grew, her work shifted from being more process focused. Therefore she took a year off to visit art classes, moved to Cologne and studied at the Cologne International School of Design. After she left KISD, she was attracted by the challenge to start research from scratch at Eyeo, where no user data was collected at all.

Ann-Lee Chou im Interview mit Christoph Bresler im Office von Eyeo in Köln.

In this episode you will learn: 

When I first joined the company, there was no data collected about the user.

Website: Eyeo

Ann-Lee Chou an ihrem Arbeitsplatz bei Eyeo.

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