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#DLSummit: Working with Big Data at Codecademy – a roundup

23. September 2019

Sometimes, data is just laying around, without anyone analyzing it. Sade Snowden-Akintunde from Codecadamy will join us at the Digitale Leute Summit to talk about the countless possibilities of data analytics – even for non-technical staff.

The Secrets of a Data-Driven E-Learning Platform – How to Enable Product Teams to Work Well With Data

More than 45 million people have learned how to code on the e-learning platform Codecademy.

In this fireside chat, Sade will discuss how she and her colleagues on the Data Science team at Codecademy empower product and non-technical teams to work with user data independently and are subsequently able to free up data science resources for more advanced work. She will explain different strategies for managing and maintaining data infrastructure and experimentation tools so that information can be easily shared and understood for companies to make the most out of.

We all know that we should be taking advantage of our data. Join this session to find out why and how!

About our speaker

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Working for mid-stage e-subscription companies has given Sade a unique perspective on data science, as she’s seen many ways that technology companies can work efficiently and inefficiently with their data and experimentation tools. Prior to working at Codecademy, she worked for the Berlin-based meal kit delivery service HelloFresh out of their New York City office.

Sade Snowden-Akintunde is a Data scientist at Codecademy. She also worked on personalization at HelloFresh.

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