As Data Science expert, Fabian Dill will explain his central concept on how to build a working data solution – from acquiring to analyzing the data. At Digitale Leute Summit 2019, he details how you can use the data for good and which mistakes you can avoid doing so.

My Five Principles of Data Science – Unlocking New Potentials of Product Management Through Working With Data

A deep understanding of how to focus on the user through data science and machine learning is a key skill of the Munich-based digital agency DieProduktMacher.

In this talk CEO Fabian Dill explains how you can integrate the capabilities of data science into the operation of existing and discovery of new products. Fabian shows you how to set up a data analysis, create usable dashboards and build a clean, reproducible process for your product development. Based on Fabian’s five principles of data science you will learn, how product managers and data analysts can find common ground to unlock new potentials in the digital development process.

About the Speaker

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“When I started working with data, people like me were still called data miners” says Fabian. With his longtime experience both as an analyst and as a product manager he now paves the way for data-driven product development. Prior to DieProduktmacher he worked for the IT-service-provider Valiton.

Fabian Dill is the CEO and Head of Data Science at Die Produktmacher.

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