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#DLSummit: HRS’s way of managing agile software teams with CIO Jochen Jaser

23. September 2019

Dozens of developers work on different projects within HRS, one of Germanys biggest hotel booking platforms. Still, the company reaches a „Unified Heartbeat“ within all of its products. At Digitale Leute Summit, Jochen Jaser will join us to talk more about the unique structure within their company.

How to Move Fast But With a Unified Heartbeat – Understanding a CIO’s Perspective on Product Development

Twenty-five product teams work at the B2B hotel platform HRS to provide a fluent and engaging travel experience.

In this fireside chat, CIO Jochen Jaser shares his perspective on how to steer these teams and the people behind them to a joint mission. Jochen explains his three pillars of leading product and dev teams in a big tech company: innovation, empowerment and delivery. He shares, how he gets his engineers and product managers to commit to weekly sprints and how he synchronizes his teams to operate with “a unified heartbeat”. Jochen explains how he uses agile techniques and processes on the exec-level, as well.

If you are working with a CIO and finally want to understand, what his or her job is like, this fireside chat is for you!

About the speaker

To foster a culture of innovation, Jochen rather sits together with his teams then on the exec-floor of the prestigious headquarter of HRS right at Cologne Main Station. To him, it is important, that any idea, big or small, gets a chance to grow fast and to influence the business in a positive way.

Jochen is the CIO at HRS. Held leadership roles at Matrix42, Avira and Bearing Point.

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