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Podcast Episode 28 – Learn how Codecentric’s remote-first company culture helps with customer projects

12. Februar 2020

In this episode, you learn from Fritz Gerhard, VP Prototypes & Product about the distinct work culture at Codecentric. The established software company implemented the remote-first philosophy, Google’s 20 percent rule and other new work principles into their corporate culture to become Germany’s top 5 employer. 

About the podcast
Digitale Leute Insights is the podcast for passionate product people. We interview product developers from around the world and take a closer look at their tools and tactics.
Host: Tanja Lau

Remote-first as a result of Europe-wide offices

From startup founder to practicing physician to software development: Today Fritz Gerhard leads the remote tech tribe at the 550 employees strong software company Codecentric. With 16 offices all over Europe the company’s corporate culture is based on a remote-first approach

That was necessary, as Fritz explains on stage at Digitale Leute Summit. Codecentric wants to provide the customers with teams that fit perfectly not because they are onsite. But because they have the right qualification for the customer’s needs. And those talents usually don’t live where the customer is located. 

To kick off a project the teams move for about two weeks to the customer. “Two weeks is enough for a common understanding,” Fritz says. After that, the teams meet again about every two months. 

Codecentric’s adaption of Google 20 percent rule

Codecentric is not only popular for its remote culture. They also work along the Plus-1 rule. After 4 days of working for corporate projects, you can use the fifth day for community projects, own work-related projects or to learn about new technologies. Inspired by Google’s 20 percent rule they adopted the same principle at Codecentric and implemented their own version of it. Right now, they are thinking of changing it back to how Google is doing it, says Fritz. That way the employees can work a couple of weeks continuously on a project when it is needed. After that, they have two entire weeks for own projects.

About the Host
Tanja Lau is the founder and CEO of Product Academy, a Swiss institution offering training for product people in Europe who are aiming at transforming their teams and companies into truly learning, customer-centric organizations. As a founding partner of start-ups in Munich and Madrid, she has gained valuable entrepreneurial experience, which she passes on as coach and public speaker on various occasions.

This episode is a recording of the session “The Joy of Staying Innovative – How to Drive Engagement and Creativity in a Software Company” which took place at Digitale Leute Summit 2019.

Fritz Gerhard talking with Tanja Lau about how to implement remote-first methods and Googles 20% rule.
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