Working as a product manager can be the best job in the world. But it can also be a frustrating experience at times. At our Digitale Leute Summit, Marc Abraham, currently Head of Product at, shared his expertise on how to deal with the frictions and frustrations of the job.

Marc Abraham has experienced all the highs and lows of the product management cycle. Having worked as a product manager for a dozen different companies, he has had great success with his teams. But there were also these moments, when “I completely lost it”, as Marc admitted to the audience of the DL Summit in November.

The dark side of product management

Marc came to our Digitale Leute Summit 2019 to share what he learned about himself and his job as a product manager. There have been these moments, when his anger got the better of him, when he failed to communicate his strategy correctly or when he felt like the only person in the room who didn’t understand, what was going on. What was important to him was, that he was able to accept these feelings and deal with them in a meaningful way.

In his talk, he explained,

About Marc

Having worked for a variety of companies in industries ranging from TV entertainment, finance to real estate, “product nomad” Marc Abraham has over a decade of product experience. Although managing frustrations is an ongoing part of his experience as a product manager and leader, he continuously tries the best to keep on top of these frustrations and emotions. He supports his peers in doing the same.

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