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How to adapt when COVID forces your team into the home office

Fireside Chat
DAY 2 | 10:00-10:30

Steffen Heilmann, MD & CTO Aroundhome, was on a cruise ship without a mobile phone and internet connection when the COVID shutdown forced the entire company to move into the home office within two business days. In this fireside chat, Steffen shares his strategies on how the executive team and the IT team modified the meeting routines and adapted to the new situation. He will share his lessons learned in the last months on keeping a robust corporate culture and how to keep up team morale in a remote scenario.


Steffen Heilmann

CTO at Aroundhome. Held roles at Mytoys and Allianz.

Steffen Heilmann is CRO and CTO at Aroundhome. In this role, he is responsible for Technology, Data, Marketing, and Category Management across the whole organization. Previously Steffen held leadership positions at Mytoys Group, Allianz, and Boston Consulting Group. His focus is on implementing agility across the organization and bridging the gap between business and IT.

Stefan Vosskötter

CEO at Digitale Leute & Moderator.

Stefan is the founder of Digitale Leute and Deutsche Startups. Since 2005, he has successfully founded various internet startups and has mostly taken the product owner role in these projects. With Digitale Leute he and his team provide deep insights into the different job roles in digital product development and how the world’s greatest companies develop their software products.