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Digitale Leute – Build Better Products


Product Strategy to enable focused product decision-making

November 14 - 9am to 5pm

About the workshop

Effective Product Strategy is about the ongoing and collaborative creation of coherent choices that allow Product Teams to execute with focus and a clear connection to their vision.

Language: English

Ticket options:

  • Single Workshop Ticket: This ticket entitles you to participate in one of our hands-on expert workshops with a high degree of interaction.
  • Expert Ticket: This ticket entitles you to participate in one of our full-day workshops on the post-conference day, and also provides you with full access to the official conference program.

Have a look at Tim’s talk at DL Summit 2021!

After the workshop, you will be able to:

  • Understand the scope of Product Strategy and how it fits with your Company Strategy.
  • Create an inspiring Strategic Narrative through a user-centred Product Vision and North Star Metric.
  • Clearly define your Strategic „Playing Field“ through prioritized audiences, the progress they care about, and the alternatives your product is up against.
  • Align value proposition with audience jobs and focus on differentiators that help you get chosen over competitors.
  • Execute your Product Strategy by connecting it to your OKRs, and Product Roadmap.

Concepts covered:

  • Useful Product Strategy over Good Product Strategy
  • Company Strategy vs. Product Strategy vs. Feature Strategy
  • Recognizing and connecting Product Strategy Patterns to form coherent choices
  • Product Vision and North Star Metric Development
  • Audience Trees to identify Strategy Wedges
  • Jobs-thinking and Value Proposition Design
  • Differentiation Scoring
  • Synthesizing and Communicating Product Strategy Choices through Statements and Frameworks
  • Leading OKRs derived Product Strategy Choices

Who should attend

  • Heads of Product and VPs of Product looking for a new perspective on enabling the goal-definition and decision-making of product teams and departments.
  • (Senior) Product Managers who want to provide their product teams clarity and inspiration beyond the next Sprint.
  • Product Ops Managers, Agile Coaches, and Scrum Masters want to support product teams beyond Scrum rituals.
  • UX and Engineering Product Team members want to engage in continuous strategic discussions beyond Product Delivery.

About the host

As a Product Management Coach and Consultant, Tim Herbig enables product teams to make more evidence-informed decisions in line with their strategic choices by connecting the dots of Product Strategy, OKRs, and Product Discovery.

For over 10 years, he has worked in various in-house and consulting roles as a Product Manager and Head of Product. I constantly challenged myself to make an evidence-informed way of working in industries like publishing, professional networking, and building Enterprise-level b2b SaaS applications. I know what it takes to balance large-scale product iterations with the scrappiness of a pre-Product-Market-Fit state.

He now helps product teams develop and implement better practices that help them progress in their context instead of chasing artificially created „best practices.“ I achieve that through hands-on training, coaching offerings, in-depth courses, and intriguing content.

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