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Digitale Leute – Build Better Products


Practical Product Strategy to enable outcome-oriented decision-making
November 15th - 10am to 6pm STARTPLATZ KÖLN

Product Strategy is about creating an explicit set of choices that allow Product Teams to say no to distractions and say yes to opportunities that matter. This workshop teaches you practical tools and processes to create and communicate actionable Product Strategy.

Toward a High-Performance Mind
November 15th - 10am to 5pm STARTPLATZ Köln

Learn how measurable mindfulness & mind-management combined with the latest findings in epigenetics & biohacking can assist you in achieving a state of a High-Performance Mind, support optimal brain health, and help you to transform into the best version of yourself.

Master Product Guidelines and Principles that most companies miss out
November 15th, 10am to 5pm STARTPLATZ Köln

Let's be honest, product management has a problem: Most companies hire “backlog managers” rather than real product entrepreneurs. People that are really economically responsible for product success are unfortunately rare. The necessary capabilities to be a real product entrepreneur are usually not taught in any usual product training. Let's deep dive together into what is really necessary to be a product entrepreneur!

Lean Business Experiments
November 15th, 10am to 5pm STARTPLATZ Köln

We all know that we should conduct experiments to build better products faster. But how? We'll show you how to uncover, prioritize, and experiment with the assumptions in your business model in a lean and affordable way.