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What is marketing even good for in a product-led world?

Product-Led-Growth Stage

The biggest weakness of marketing-led growth (MLG) is its focus on customer acquisition over retention. How do marketing and sales adapt nowadays in companies that focus on product-led growth (PLG)? This panel of three former “product people” now turned “growth marketers” will discuss the pros and cons of PLG vs MLG. Is there a balance to be attained or maybe even a path to integrate the two for an even stronger competitive advantage?


Ben Sufiani

Growth Marketer and Founder of Pirate Skills.

Ben Sufiani has hosted the Cologne, Germany-based growth marketing meetup „Pirate Skills“ for six years. He has founded multiple B2C and B2B startups since 2008. Having studied psychology at Ruhr University, Bochum laid the groundwork for his marketing data- and behavior-driven approach. Ben is also deeply knowledgeable about Meta and Google ads, and he knows his way around TikTok and Pinterest.


Miriam Boubachta

Head of Growth Marketing at The Ventury. Held roles at IBM and former Forbes 30 Under 30 nominee.

Miriam Boubachta is an entrepreneur by heart, growth hacker by choice, and lecturer for fun. In the past 10+ years as a founder, CMO and consultant, she has helped various companies from product-market fit to scaling. In 2018, she was named to the Forbes 30 Under 30 list. Now Miriam is leading the Growth Marketing Team at TheVentury and helps her team and businesses grow!


Hendrik Lennarz

Growth Hacking Coach and Founder of Unlock Growth.

Founder & Managing Director Hendrik Lennarz has been a growth hacker for 17 years – even though he only adopted this professional title in 2013. Hendrik is the author of the first German-language book on the topic of growth hacking and is an expert, podcast host and keynote speaker.
He built up the basic growth hacking know-how from 2006 to 2016 at the very successful e-commerce brand Trusted Shops. As CTPO, Hendrik was instrumental in developing from a start-up to a scaling company.