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Level Up Your Product Discovery With Opportunity Solution Trees

Conference Stage 1

The continuous balance between discovery and delivery can be the decision criterion for a team’s success or failure. Discovery research, both tactical and strategic, gets deprioritized when time or budget are scarce but it’s critical for maintaining the success of a product in the long term. Opportunity Solution Trees (OSTs) can help alleviate this problem. OSTs keep track of discovery work possibilities and help manage them in relation to delivery topics. As collaboratively created living artifacts, they enable a smooth transition from the problem space to the solution space and can be used as a companion to a product roadmap. In this talk Gergana will share some practical examples of the Opportunity Solution Trees applications and suggestions for their introduction in your everyday product practice.


Gergana Angelova

UX Designer at MyHammer.

Gergana Angelova works as UX Designer at the two-sided marketplace MyHammer. As part of the New Products team she supports the discovery of new opportunities to serve homeowners’ and tradespeople’s needs. She advocates for early and continuous involvement of users in the design process as a way to align teams, facilitate data-informed decisions, minimize risk, and prioritize opportunities.