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How to hire Digitale Leute

Product-Led-Growth Stage

Are you “Digitale Leute”? Congrats, your talent is highly in demand (as you have probably already noticed from your LinkedIn inbox). How would you like to be hired? Or how would you hire someone like you who gets spammed with job offers? And: how can Tech help?

Let’s talk!  I hope to learn from your ideas and can’t wait to share how online shops for jobs dramatically improve the hiring process of “Digitale Leute”.


Clara Peters

Tribe Lead Recruiting Intelligence at talentsconnect.

Hi, I am Clara, and I work for one of the most game-changing HR Tech companies in Germany: talentsconnect.
Five years ago, I started as a Product Owner and was allowed to build our very first data team from scratch. Today, I am a passionate podcaster (check me out in “Clara macht’s klarer” and “Direct to Talent”), the co-founder of the “Direct to Talent- Community” and proud leader of our “Recruiting Intelligence” tribe at talentsconnect. Together, we have already helped thousands of recruiters, people leaders and marketeers to significantly improve their hiring performance through data.