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Digitale Leute – Build Better Products


How to establish & protect a product bubble inside your company

Conference Stage 2

You can read blogs or hire consultants to teach you about product management principles, roles & processes. What no one will be able to tell you, is how to implement product management in the company you work for, yet: If you blindly follow in the transformational footsteps of someone else, you will fail.

In my talk, I will establish the reasoning for the need of an “organizational bubble” in line with the maturity of your environment, based on various roles I held at SAP, Arvato Systems and Otto.


David Behlich

Head of Product at OTTO. Held roles at SAP and Arvato Systems.

A native of Hamburg, David first worked for SAP (Walldorf, Boston & Hamburg) and then for Arvato Systems (Gütershoh/Bielefeld, Hamburg & Riga) for 7 years after studying computer science in the Black Forest before joining OTTO in 2018. As Head of Product, he is a member of the Digital Retail technical management team and responsible for building the lateral product management organization and capability in the retailer domain. His passion is change management in the context of organization building around cross-functional and metrics-driven product development. With 5 children between the ages of 3 and 9, he is hardly bored otherwise and, unfortunately, rarely gets to play the drums regularly.