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Digitale Leute – Build Better Products


Customer Case on Stage: Agile Booster for an Online Insurance Portal

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As #Digitalisierungsverwirklicher, we work on a wide variety of complex IT products. One of them: DEVK’s self-service portal, which contains UX design, cloud know-how and software development by CI. In the talk, Product Owner Thomas (DEVK) and CI Managing Director Jens provide interesting insights: How does agile software development between insurance and external service providers work? What were the highlights and learnings? And what’s next?


Jens Kohne

Managing Director at Cologne Intelligence GmbH.

Jens comes from a software development and programming background and initially embarked on an IT consulting career. Ten years ago, he started his sales career at Sepago and continued to pursue it at Cologne Intelligence (CI), where he came on board as Sales Manager in 2017. In the meantime, he is part of the management team – and still likes to be close to the customer.


Thomas Höller

Product Owner at DEVK.

Thomas has been with DEVK for almost 16 years. As Product Owner he has been responsible for DEVK’s customer portal meineDEVK since 2020. The trained insurance and finance clerk can look back on some exciting professional years – operationally in the automotive wholesale business, as a UML specialist architect for sales systems and as a business analyst CRM system sales.