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How to Build Machine Learning Products for E-Commerce

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Machine learning is one of the most exciting technologies of the past years. Using data driven algorithms, we can build deeply personalized and engaging experiences. E-commerce is special because the business is already digitized and huge amounts of data are already available. However, the road from core machine learning algorithms like recommendation systems and learning to rank to working customer products is difficult. In this talk, Mikio will cover aspects besides ML to successfully build products. How do you identify the right use cases for machine learning? How to link the ML problem to customer problems? How to provide the right tech infrastructure and how do we strategically collect the right data?


Dr. Mikio Braun

Independent Consultant and former AI Architect at Zalando.

How to Build Machine Learning Products for E-Commerce

Mikio Braun is an independent consultant helping companies and people to put machine learning into production. Previously he worked at GetYourGuide and Zalando, both managing teams and working as an individual contributor on a range of topics like search, recommendation, and machine learning platforms. Mikio also holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science and has been a PostDoc researcher for more than 10 years at the TU Berlin.