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Summit Talk: Why invalidating an idea with a Design Sprint is a win!

05. März 2020

For a Design Sprint to be successful you don’t have to validate the idea. That is one of the main takeaways from this fireside chat between Brittni Bowering and Andreas Kwiatkowski from our Digitale Leute Summit 2019.

About the Design Sprint

The Google Design Sprint has become one of the most popular methods in the sphere of developing digital products. Originally developed by Jake Knapp at Google Ventures to quickly validate or invalidate new ideas, it has grown into a tool that is used by all kinds of industries.

In this ecosystem, the Berlin agency AJ & Smart has built itself a reputation as one of the international authorities when it comes to Design Sprints. Working closely together with Jake Knapp himself, AJ & Smart has facilitated Design Sprints with Lufthansa, the UN and even Google among many other well-established brands.

At our DL Summit, Brittni Bowering, former Head of Brand at AJ&Smart, talked in-depth about the dos and don’ts of a successful Design Sprint.

About Brittni

Brittni Bowering has been a part of more than fifty Design Sprints for AJ & Smart. When she joined our Summit in November 2019, Brittni had just left the agency to work freelance as a content strategist. She also hosts a podcast and occasionally does some stand-up comedy in Berlin.

From the about fifty Design Sprints Brittni did during her career, “something between five and ten” eventually turned into products or features that got launched. That is, Brittni reminded the audience, because a big part of a Design Sprint is the possibility of invalidating an idea. “That is also a win because you just saved your organization a lot of time and money”, says Brittni. “But this reality can be a tough sell when you speak with the customer.”

LinkedIn: Britti Bowering, Andreas Kwiatkowski

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