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Podcast Episode 50 – The Agile Truth: Lessons learnt with Thierry Baudez, Senior Scrum Master at IBM iX

22. Februar 2022

Learn in this episode, how you build trust as an agency and how a corporate podcast can be a connective tissue within and outside your company’s communication.

About the Podcast
Digitale Leute Insights is the podcast for passionate product people. We interview software product developers, designers and product managers worldwide and take a closer look at their tools and tactics.
Host: Stefan Vosskötter

How „The Agile Truth“ came to life

„We have had a moment last year in November 2020 where all the scrum masters came together.“ This is how Thierry Baudez, Senior Scrum Master at IBM iX starts telling about how their corporate podcast „The Agile Truth“ came to be. „All Netflix-Shows have been watched, President Trump was about not being President anymore, and there was the news that COVID vaccines will be available very soon.“ Everyone being in this mood, one of his colleagues expressed his feeling of not finding an agile podcast that speaks to him, he explains. They decided to do their own podcast as they didn’t find any podcast appealing to them.

From all the topics which have been discussed in the IBM iX podcast, Stefan and Thierry pick out the maybe most important topic of trust. Building trust is essential for a successful project as an agency working with customers. And it starts when the customer needs to get onboarded to the agile process. But it doesn’t stop there. Thierry takes us through the whole journey, how to deal with a crisis when you are the scrum master, how to keep trust up when working with big teams and how to decide if the product owner should be from the customer or the agency. 

Thierry concluded at the end: „But what really builds trust is the customer value, that the client sees reflected in the feature that they ask for.“

Listen to „The Agile Truth“ wherever you enjoy your podcasts most. Season 2 is in the making!

This episode has been recorded at the Digitale Leute Summit 2021.

LinkedIn: Thierry Baudez 

About Thierry Baudez
Thierry has been a senior scrum master at IBM iX since 2019, where he has helped teams deliver the digital manifestation of their clients‘ strategies across industries as varied as retail, construction, banking and automotive. Before that, he freelanced in Siberia, ran a communications and time management consultancy in Belgium, set up a communications department in a Slovak shared services centre for an international bank and while based in the Netherlands co-engineered the agilisation of 5.000 global employees.

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