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Martin Förster from Wolters Kluwer about Agile Product Development in a multinational corporation

09. Februar 2021

In 2020 we brought to you our international speaker lineup of our Digitale Leute Summit as a Remote Edition. In this series of articles, you will get the recordings from our conference to grow and learn from experts in tech, design, and product. Because we believe that software-product people are the ones that create the future. Read our recap of Digitale Leute Summit – Remote Edition here. Signup for news updates here.

Developing products using agile frameworks is something you often hear from the startup ecosphere. After transitioning from a fully agile agency career, Martin now works as Chief Product Owner for Wolters Kluwer and steers several agile development teams in line with all challenges this approach has in a corporate environment. We talk about how product development differs from working for a corporation than working for an agency or a startup. Is it better? It is surely a lot different.

About Martin Förster
After serving ten years in various consulting positions for digital agencies working for clients like Deutsche Telekom, Thyssen Krupp, TUI, Robinson & Volkswagen, Martin now is working for Wolters Kluwer Deutschland. Here he is responsible for leading the product development for one of the most important strategic products in the German market, utilizing several agile frameworks throughout the process.

LinkedIn: Martin Förster

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