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Digitale Leute – Build Better Products

2 weeks to go: here is our software development track, all speakers, all topics

01. November 2021

Software Development is always at the core of large-scale software product development. This year we can welcome a very diverse set of speakers with many interesting topics from the software development domain. This year you will see development professionals from INNOQ, Mogenius, Eyeo, Giant Swarm, ROQ Tech and BLUME 2000 on the stage.

Here is what you can expect this year in our Tech track:

How to Build Machine Learning Products for E-Commerce
Machine learning is one of the most exciting technologies of the past years. Using data-driven algorithms, we can build deeply personalized and engaging experiences. E-commerce is special because the business is already digitized and huge amounts of data are already available. However, the road from core machine learning algorithms like recommendation systems and learning to rank to working customer products is difficult. In this talk, Mikio will cover aspects besides ML to successfully build products. How do you identify the right use cases for machine learning? How to link the ML problem to customer problems? How to provide the right tech infrastructure and how do we strategically collect the right data?

Cloud native: How to set up, deploy and run microservices for rapid prototyping and scaling up
In this Tech Demo Gerrit Schumann and Benedikt Iltisberger will talk about their founder journey and showcase the new mogenius platform for cloud-native software development. They will demonstrate how to set up, deploy and run microservices in the cloud with just a few steps, and talk about the advantages of automatically configuring, orchestrating and scaling cloud resources, Kubernetes, databases and other managed services. With real-world examples from rapid prototyping to scaling high-demand applications.

Speed without the microservice hype: How Blume2000 performs with good old HTML websites and expertly cut macro services
Many companies have thrown themselves too carelessly into these supposedly all-solving approaches like the microservice and single page application hype and are now being slowed down by even more complex infrastructure. In his talk, Benedikt shows us how to become incredibly fast with good old HTML techniques and expertly cut macro services paired with DevOps practices. He explains how to become truly successful when leadership, expertise, organization, and technology interact mutually.

Let’s stay in sync! How to develop offline-capable products with the help of CRDTs
In the age of smartphone apps, many developers face the same problem again and again: how do you sync data between the different clients? The phone can be temporarily offline, the tablet connects to the WLAN, to the web interface. Under no circumstances should conflicts be displayed to the user. And please do all this with history and efficiently to save bandwidth. „Conflict-free distributed data types“ are the solution, a relatively new technology that promises to address all these problems. This talk will tour the research & practice and point to some of the (rare) limitations.

From Startup to Grown-Up – The pleasures and pitfalls of scaling an industry disruptor
Startups start small and lean, and If all goes according to plan, they become successful. Juttas talk will outline the pleasures and pitfalls of scaling and what eyeo learned from growing the reach of their technology to more than 200 million monthly active devices and the company from a staff of 2 to nearly 250. She will highlight the need for keeping a good balance between professionalization and nurturing the creative startup spirit and share their learnings about iterative and participatory change management.

How to set up a microservice infrastructure for AI services with Giant Swarm
In this Tech Demo Puja Abbassi and Fernando Ripoll will give us a deep dive into the Kubernetes management platform of Giant Swarm. They will show us a real-world example of how to set up a microservice infrastructure for an AI/ML product using a declarative and reproducible approach. The technology enables end-user engineers to start with a self-healing turn-key solution and gives them the freedom to customize the setup when they hit the limits of it. This will be a step by step guide on how to take advantage of Kubernetes as a platform of platforms for cloud-native software engineering.

”Feature-as-a-Service” – A new approach how to develop large-scale web applications
We all know e-commerce, we all know e-commerce shops: When you want to launch a shop, you take a shop system, which you tailor to your needs. Regardless of the specific vendor, a significant chunk of the work has already been done: From fundamental technological choices all the way to complete features such as product catalogue, checkout, or search.

Today, if you want to develop an ambitious web application like carsharing or a new SaaS application, you need to start from scratch. ROQ wants to change this and be the ultimate platform to build your application on, with complete features all the way to a ready-set infrastructure. This way, you and your team can worry about the parts that really matter to your business.

In this tech talk, Fabian and Tim will focus on how the technology of ROQ is set up behind the scenes. They will also show you examples of how ROQ accelerated startups and enterprises.

Live Podcast: What to know when getting into Crypto Development
Oliver and Sebastian were part of the early days of Crypto in different ways and have now launched the Podcast „Die Crypto Nerd Show“ to go deeper into all topics Crypto. They will do a live podcast at DL Summit to satisfy your inner Nerd, going deeper into different layers of Crypto: From infrastructure projects, decentralised finance, automated market making, smart contract, and other stuff you need to know about when choosing whether to integrate Crypto into your product development. Feel free to join their podcast show upfront.

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