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Product Discovery Judo: Working with and not against the organization

November 14th - 9am to 5pm

About the workshop

As a Product Manager or Product Owner, you know that great products are born from a deep understanding of your customers and their needs. You have heard about the power of Continuous Discovery Habits (CDH) and how it can transform your product development process. But in a Feature Factory, where the focus is on churning out features, it can feel like an uphill battle to introduce a new way of working.

We understand your struggle. You are the one on the front lines, fighting for better products and a more customer-centric approach. But without the support of your leaders, it can seem impossible to make meaningful change.

That is where this workshop comes in. We will show you how to apply the golden rule of organizational change: „meet people where they are.“ You will learn how to gradually gain autonomy and introduce good product discovery practices without rocking the boat. We have broken down the essential steps of CDH into four actionable parts: „Alignment on Outcomes,“ „Research of Opportunities,“ „Ideation of Solutions,“ and „Testing of Hypotheses.“ By structuring it this way, you will be able to tackle each aspect of discovery independently, making it easier to implement within your current organizational constraints.

Language: German

Ticket options:

  • Single Workshop Ticket: This ticket entitles you to participate in one of our hands-on expert workshops with a high degree of interaction.
  • Expert Ticket: This ticket entitles you to participate in one of our full-day workshops on the post-conference day, and also provides you with full access to the official conference program.

After the workshop, you will be able to:

  • Strategies for introducing CDH in a Feature Factory without requiring management buy-in.
  • In-depth understanding of the four core activities in CDH and how they work together to drive better product decisions.
  • Techniques for asking the right questions to expand your mandate as a Product Manager.
  • Practical tools and templates to support your discovery efforts.

Who should attend

This workshop is ideal for:
  • Product Managers and Product Owners who feel constrained in their ability to conduct discovery within their current organization.
  • Product professionals seeking to introduce better product practices in feature-driven environments.
  • Anyone looking to expand their skills in product discovery and gain more autonomy in their role.

Whether you are a seasoned Product Manager or just starting your journey, this workshop will equip you with the knowledge and strategies needed to drive effective product discovery in challenging organizational contexts.

About the hosts

Frederik Vosberg: Frederik has worked as a software engineer for a small start-up to change the world and get rich through his shares. Unfortunately, this start-up failed the same way many did. The niche wasn’t focused enough, so the MVP was too big to implement with the resources in their hands. Eventually, this drove him to build a business unit that helps corporates to apply start-up techniques.

Timothy Krechel: Timothy failed to reach product-market fit with his own startup. Having been through this painful experience and seeing others make the same mistakes in different environments (corporates, founders) made him focus on early product validation whenever he launches something new and shares it!

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