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Using Practical Product OKRs for Measuring Strategic Progress

November 7th - 9am to 5pm

About the workshop

Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) can be a powerful tool for aligning Product Teams and helping them focus. But when the dogma of by-the-book definitions and process overhead get in the way, they become a necessary evil instead of an amplifier. Product Teams should focus on the usefulness of OKR Sets and integration with existing practices instead of correctness at all costs.

This workshop will skip the basics and generalized advice you can find everywhere on the internet. Instead, we will focus on the more practical and high-leverage aspects of setting and using OKRs for Product Teams.

Language: English

Have a look at Tim’s talk at DL Summit 2021!

After the workshop, you will be able to:

  • Go from Product Strategy to quarterly OKRs
  • Recognize Key Outcomes vs Outputs and Lagging vs Leading Key Results patterns when drafting OKRs and how to course-correct
  • Make sure your Product Roadmap complements your OKRs, instead of replacing them
  • Draft and measure useful OKRs for different types of Product Teams: Whether it’s a high-traffic b2c or internal-facing product
  • Integrate OKRs into the everyday decision-making of Product Discovery and Product Delivery
  • And, most of all, ensure that OKRs are actionable and valuable, not just on paper

Who should attend

This workshop is relevant to individuals whether you already use OKRs in your company or are in the planning stages of adopting them.

  • (Senior) Product Managers who want to stop copying & pasting backlog items and tasks into OKR tools and Excel spreadsheets for a “reporting meeting” with stakeholders and management
  • Heads of Product and VPs of Product who want to make OKRs a helpful vehicle for communicating priorities and measuring progress for the teams in their area
  • Product Operations Managers, OKR Experts, Scrum Masters, and Agile Coaches who want to support Product Teams with the adoption of OKRs
  • UX and Engineering Product Team members who want to improve their capability to participate and influence goal-setting in their company

What you need as a participant

  • If you already use OKRs: Real-life OKR examples from your team(s) to reflect on and work with during our exercises. You can anonymize or abstract them if you’re uncomfortable sharing all details
  • If you don’t use OKRs, research “examples” from other companies or tool providers as starting points for your journey

About the host

As a Product Management Coach, Tim Herbig works with curious Product Teams around the globe to improve their practices. After almost a decade of holding in-house product roles at stern.de and XING, he now focuses on enabling teams to make real progress toward meaningful goals by connecting the dots of Product Strategy, Product Discovery, and Product OKRs. Tim’s training focuses on interactivity and practicality so that participants can use materials immediately. He has helped product organizations like StepStone design and use OKRs to inform product management practices.