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Riding the Beast – why guiding principles are key for product development in large corporations

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The Klingel Group is one of Germany’s largest multi-channel distance sellers with more than 2.500 employees and 52 different e-Commerce sites. Within the last years, they were capable to accomplish major transformations as changing their complete technical infrastructure and switched to an agile product organization for their 52 e-commerce clients.

With their success of mastering their transformation journey new challenges emerge. Constantly creating novel product experiences which are significantly better than the status quo are a big challenge. Especially for product teams which are already responsible for the complexity of a multi-client state-of-the-art technology platform like Klingels. In this talk, Sven Andrä and Daniel Neuberger talk about how to organize teams in order to deal with the high level of complexity in large corporations. They discuss how it’s necessary to go beyond the limitations of agile and lean startup and to use the 3 Horizons Model in combination with guiding principles as key for product development in large corporations.

This talk is the sequel to their talk in 2019: Taming the Corporate Beast for Large Scale Product Growth – How to Master the Transition to a Successful Product Organization


Sven Christian Andrä

Managing Director & CDO at Klingel Gruppe.

Why guiding principles are key for product development in large corporations

Sven is CDO at Klingel Group, a large Mail Order Company in Germany. His responsibility covers all digital areas like traditional IT, E-Commerce, Software-Development, Product Management. He has a background of nearly three decades of entrepreneurship in software development in Germany and the U.S. working in different industries, B2B as well as B2C.


Daniel Neuberger

Head of Product at Talentformation.

Why guiding principles are key for product development in large corporations

Daniel sees product management as the art of problem solving and is motivated by products that have a positive impact on people, companies and society. He learned product management „from the ground up“, having had the opportunity to work with an array of outstanding companies. He bears battle scars from holding various positions as a Product Manager throughout different domains and also senior management positions as Head Of Product Management, Product Director and Chief Product Officer. Daniel’s passion lies in the area of innovation, dealing with high levels of system complexity and the potential to solve relevant problems better than before.