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Digitale Leute – Build Better Products

„How to combine OKRs and agile product development to build what truly matters“

19. Februar 2016

Do your Product Owners really „own“ their products? Are they sufficiently empowered, accountable and incentified to make their products successful? Do they focus on impact vs. output only?

Learn in this workshop how to use an agile goal setting system like Objectives and Key Results (OKR), which enables your team to better focus on outcome vs output.

About the Host

Tim Herbig is a renowned product management expert, writer, podcaster, and speaker. He has extensive product management, leadership and consulting experience in startups as well as in leading DAX companies. Sonja Mewes is founder and consultant for digital strategy and OKRs at Beautiful Future. 


Sonja and Tim propose to focus during the session on one or more of the following building blocks:
  • How thinking in impacts can drastically change your perspective on product development.
  • What effective OKRs are made of and how to use them for setting your team up to work on outcomes instead of features.
  • How can theme-based roadmaps and quarterly OKR goal setting sharpen your focus on continuous product discovery.
  • How to set up your agile product development processes to support thinking and working in outcomes tomorrow.
  • How to incorporate OKRs into your agile product processes throughout all levels.
The final workshop agenda will be agreed upon with each customer to address his individual situation. The workshop can be either arranged as interactive online or as onsite meeting on customer premises.

Target Group

Product Management / Leadership Teams, Scrum Masters or Agile Coaches.


4-8 hours.


Please leave your details, we will get back to you!


workshop "How to build a data driven product management organisation"
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