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#DLSummit: The importance of User Feedback for Babbel’s Product Design Teams

17. Oktober 2019

Right now, more than one million customers are studying one of 14 different languages offered by Babbel, one of the worlds biggest E-Learning platforms. But designing a solution for learners from diverse countries is a hefty task. At Digitale Leute Summit, the Vice President of Design, Scott Weiss,  joins us to explain the importance of direct user feedback while designing services and introduces us to Babbel’s best practices.

Speaking the Language of The Users – Why Listening to User Feedback Is the Most Important Thing in Product Design

With one million paying customers Babbel has changed the way people learn a foreign language in the digital age. A key factor to the success of the product is a meticulously designed UI that guides the users through the lessons of the 14 available languages. Babbel’s VP Product Design explains in this fireside chat the tools and methods behind the design of the learning app. Learn how Babbel gathers and evaluates user feedback to turn the intense process of learning a new language into a fun experience. You are going to come out of this with a whole new vocabulary for your product design.

About our speaker

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Having started with an internship at Apple of all companies in the late 1980ies, Scott Weiss has seen many design trends come and go. From the first PCs over early handheld devices to mobile phones, one thing has never changed for Scott: „Every company says, how important design is. However, few live by the most important standard: Always put the user first.“

Scott Weiss is the VP Product Design at Babbel. He held design roles at SwiftKey, Microsoft & Apple.

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