DL Workshops

Onsite or remote workshops hosted by selected top tech experts. All sessions are customizable, highly interactive and contain a mix of presentations, advisor-led demonstrations, group discussions and actionable conclusions.

INNOQ Aminata Sidibe, Oliver Tigges, Workshop

#DLSummit Workshop: Get the most out of domain-driven design by INNOQ

Domain-driven design offers a number of solutions to improve software development, but they only work if developers collaborate closely with domain experts. In this workshop, hosted by two product- and design-experts from the technology company INNOQ, you learn how modern approaches and methodologies are going to improve your product management.


„How to optimize my payment solution landscape“

Are you and your customers happy with your payment solutions? Which subscription service provider is the best fit for your situation? How should you deal with legal and regulatory compliance … and how can you most effectively minimize fraud?

Get answers to these questions as well as a much clearer picture of your best way forward to optimize your payment solution landscape.


„How to build a data driven product management organisation“

Are you and your team properly skilled to understand when and how to best leverage data analysis in your product management lifecycle? Do you know the latest and greatest tools and techniques to analyze and predict usage and user experience of your products? Do you know how you can most effectively monitor and leverage your competitors solutions?

Get answers to these questions as well as a much clearer picture of your best way forward to become a more data driven product organisation.

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