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Digitale Leute – Build Better Products

Make it fast, make it work, make it beautiful

DAY 2 | 13:45-14:15

Are you a designer who struggles to bring the design to the level of aesthetics you want because of limitations such as time & budget? Does your team have a strong focus on functionality and neglect on aesthetics? Does „form follows function“, when it comes to digital design? In this talk Lu will cover why aesthetics is one of the core elements of good UX, the cultural differences regarding the aesthetics and how to find the right balance of beauty and function.


Lu Yu

Brand Design Lead at Pitch.

Lu Yu is the brand design lead at Pitch. Previously, she worked in various fields of communication, including branding, editorial, UI/UX, web design and marketing, serving clients such as Adidas, Unilever and Semplice. She was raised in China, and had lived & worked in Melbourne and Istanbul. Currently, she is based in Berlin.