Wonach möchtest du suchen?

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Lunch with Antonio, Christoph and Stefan from the Sipgate Kitchen

DAY 1 & 2

„Eat at home like at sipgate“. This is the motto of the employees of our Digitale Leute Summit partner sipgate. In normal times the sipgate chefs are famous for serving tasty and healthy food for the employees in their canteen. Because the heart and soul of a ship is the galley. 

When COVID-19 hit the Düsseldorf based company, the chefs served tips and tricks on how to cook quick and healthy food at home via short cooking videos. 

As we are all stuck at home, some still, some once again, we want to bring you the spirit of the sipgate kitchen to your home. This is why Antonio, Christoph, and Stefan came up with two new recipes for the Digitale Leute Summit – Remote Edition.
Let’s have lunch together – at least in spirit! 🙂 

We suggest preparing the menue beforehand. Find the preparation videos here and watch them in our Digitale Leute Summit livestream: https://www.sipgatekitchen.de/digitaleleute



Chef at Sipgate. Specialty: Asian Streetfood.

Antonio has been shaping the sipgate kitchen for several years. He loves Asian streetfood from Thailand to Japan, writes burger cookbooks, and runs the project „street kitchen“ with his buddy. His favorite dish: Spaghetti Bolognese, prepared by his mother.


Chef at Sipgate. Specialty: French Crossover.

Christoph learned classical French cuisine from star chef Jean-Claude Bourgueil, but mixes it with influences from around the world. He goes into raptures when he thinks of Rhenish sauerbraten with red cabbage, dumplings, and raisins – of course, according to his mother’s recipe.


Chef at Sipgate. Specialty: New American cuisine.

Stefan enriches our kitchen since last September with his passion for Mediterranean cuisine and the new American cuisine. During his 23 years à la carte, he has discovered the farm to table movement and especially loves the creative freedom at sipgate.