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Dynamic goals instead of OKRs – How Zalando aligned its autonomous teams in a highly scaled environment

Fireside Chat
DAY 2 | 11:45-12:15

In 2019, 31 million customers have shopped at Zalando, more than ever before. But although 2019 was a record year for Zalando, the e-commerce giant is continuously questioning its processes. 

In the Fireside Chat, Jan Hegewald, Head of Engineering – Product and Category Experience, will explain how Zalando scales and develops its agile processes. You will hear from Jan why the company is moving away from OKRs and how Zalando has built a dynamic prioritization process. Jan also gives insight into the online retailer’s technological setup, where it is crucial to keep the balance between flexible microservices and stable software architecture. 

Above all, Jan focuses on the question of how to implement company-wide initiatives in a highly scaled environment with autonomous teams instead of always optimizing local features.


Jan Hegewald

Director of Engineering - Product and Category Experience. Former Head of Technology at idealo.

Since 2017, the computer scientist has been with Zalando, Germany’s largest online retailer. There, Jan brings his extensive and long-standing experience in managing agile teams in a rapidly growing environment. Before Zalando, he was jointly responsible at idealo for reorganizing the entire product development.

Stefan Vosskötter

CEO at Digitale Leute & Moderator.

Stefan is the founder of Digitale Leute and Deutsche Startups. Since 2005, he has successfully founded various internet startups and has mostly taken the product owner role in these projects. With Digitale Leute he and his team provide deep insights into the different job roles in digital product development and how the world’s greatest companies develop their software products.