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It gives you ideas, not answers – How to do user research right

Fireside Chat
DAY 1 | 10:00-10:30

From Hello Fresh to “fromAtoB” to now Zalando, native New Yorker Nikki Anderson has done user research at a variety of well-established German online companies. Her guiding principle has stayed the same at all of her engagements, though. She wants to empower organizations to make better and smarter decisions that solve human problems. 

If you haven’t done user research in your company until now, you will after Nikki’s fireside chat, that’s going to crush all excuses for not talking to your users. 

It takes too long? Learn how to get maximum value from just a few well-conducted user interviews. 

It’s too expensive? Nikki teaches you shortcuts that reduce complexity but not insights. 

Doesn’t give you the answers you want? Then understand why user research does something even better: Giving you ideas that you can work from. 

If you want to learn how to understand your users better, this interview is for you.


Nikki Anderson

User Research Specialist at Zalando.

Nikki Anderson has a Master’s degree in psychology. When she realized that a medical career wasn’t what she wanted, she found a new passion in user research. Her drive to talk to and understand people better has helped to improve the products of companies like Hello Fresh, fromAtoB and Zalando.

Victoria Blechman

Head of Program & Moderator.

Victoria dived into the Cologne startup scene more than eight years ago. After her business administration studies, she worked as a product manager at the music streaming service simfy before moving to the startup incubator STARTPLATZ as Head of Events & Education. In November 2016, Victoria founded the ART@TECH art festival. Since the beginning of 2018, she is Head of Program of the Digitale Leute Summit.