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Digitale Leute – Build Better Products

Can Design Systems be the bridge between design and development?

DAY 2 | 11:15-11:45

Design Systems can take various forms depending on a project’s environment. They can be a tool for digital product development; they can shape the process itself or even be a bridge between all involved domains. In this fireside chat, Verena and Max from Accenture Interactive discuss their project experiences with Design Systems and how their implementation and evolution can look like. We are looking forward to an exciting discussion.


Verena Ermes

Frontend Engineer at Accenture Interactive.

Verena Ermes started her Frontend Developer journey in 2017 at Accenture Interactive. She is passionate about creating meaningful digital products that simplify people’s life using modern frontend technologies. Since her first project at Accenture, the connection between code-based design systems and developing frontends at scale fascinates Verena.

Max Hermetter

UX Engineering Associate Manager at Accenture Interactive.

Having lived the lives of a Visual Designer, Interaction Designer, and Web Developer in digital production agencies for more than eight years, Max joined Accenture Interactive in February 2019.  Max is now bridging the gap between multi-disciplinary teams to deliver holistic web solutions with user-centricity in mind.

Stefan Vosskötter

CEO at Digitale Leute & Moderator.

Stefan is the founder of Digitale Leute and Deutsche Startups. Since 2005, he has successfully founded various internet startups and has mostly taken the product owner role in these projects. With Digitale Leute he and his team provide deep insights into the different job roles in digital product development and how the world’s greatest companies develop their software products.