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Digitale Leute – Build Better Products

Building for your user’s users: B2B2C and the API economy

DAY 1 | 13:45-14:15

User centricity is a major focus in product development. But who actually ends up using the product? The platform and API economy continues to develop, and the economic principles of division of labor manifest themselves in the digital product industry. Understanding who the users are and at what level of the supply chain they operate is an increasingly challenging problem, yet it is critical to get right. This session provides a thoughtful discussion on user-centered product design informed by Sendbird’s commitment to provide communication components and services both to the app-creating businesses and ultimately to the end-users of these apps.


KC Kern

Product Manager at Sendbird.

KC Kern is a product manager at Sendbird, overseeing Sendbird Calls, a product that enables the quick integration of in-app voice and video calling features for web and mobile developers. He has been at the intersection of technology and business for many years, in both large firms like Accenture and Samsung and startups. He currently lives and works in Seoul, South Korea.

Anna-Lena Kümpel

Startup-Agent & Moderator.

Anna-Lena’s trip through the Startup World started in 2016 when she worked as an editor for the German Startup Magazine Berlin Valley. In Oct. 2017 she moved to the Rhineland, and since then she works as the Startup Agent of the Digital Hub Cologne. In this function, she builds a strong network of regional startups to connect them to local SME-Companies.