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UX for XR – The Challenge of Designing Immersive Usability Experiences

Conference Stage 2

Designing successful user experiences for Extended Reality is very different from traditional UX design, as perception is not bound to the dimensions of a screen, but spatial depth can be directly experienced visually and acoustically. Avoiding motion sickness and creating physical comfort for the user is the basis of any successful experience, but navigation using controllers or hands must also be intuitive to learn. This basic ABC of UX forms the basis of advanced experience design, which focuses the user’s attention, evokes emotions and creates efficient and meaningful learning experiences.

The challenges and complexities of UX design are as great as the will to find unusual solutions. Public funding can be applied for their development.

Moderated by creative industries expert Jan-Paul Laarmann, this panel will discuss with UX experts from the XR companies how experiences need to be designed to achieve high user acceptance. Dr. Dorit Meyer will explain how UX for XR can be supported by funding programmes.


Dr. Dorit Meyer

Project Manager at KölnBusiness Wirtschaftsförderungs-GmbH.

Dorit is a project manager for innovation funding and technology transfer in the Business Development department at KölnBusiness, the business development agency of the City of Cologne. She advises founders, start-ups, companies and scientific institutions on funding opportunities for digitalisation, sustainability and innovation. As part of her tech trend scouting, she analyses innovative use cases for technologies – including XR, of course.


Jan-Paul Laarmann

Innovation Manager Creative Industry at KölnBusiness Wirtschaftsförderungs-GmbH.

Paul’s professional mission is the promotion of creative industries in Cologne. Together with two colleagues, he advises creatives and companies and develops funding structures and strong networks at the economic development agency KölnBusiness. His main fields of activity are design, music, art and advertising. Still impressed by the inventive spirit of Cologne’s media economy, he also is enthusiastic about all projects dealing with Extended Reality.


Antonia Koop

CEO of CobaltIED.

Antonia has many years of experience as a war and crisis journalist, was a lecturer at Warwick Business School and founder of several technology companies. She has pioneered the use of games and virtual reality in training, helped set up ImmerseUK and is on the advisory board of devcom. Antonia is CEO of Cologne-based CobaltIED, a pioneer in the development of XR training in crisis management.


Axel Steinkuhle

CEO of evrbit GmbH.

Axel is a digital pioneer and started developing and designing digital projects in his youth. Throughout his career, he has worked for various companies, designed TV studios, and created conceptions of future experience target pictures across multiple services and products for a large telecommunications company. Since 2015, Axel is CEO and co-founder of evrbit, a software company which combines the analog and the digital world. AR, VR, IoT, strategic consulting and creating innovative solutions for various clients and departments are his daily business.