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In Conversation with Frank Harris, Slack’s VP of Product: Mastering Enterprise SaaS Challenges

Main Stage

In this interview, we will deep dive into the daily routine of Frank, VP of Product, Platform at Slack, shedding light on the organizational structure and his responsibilities that primarily focus on ensuring the seamless functionality and continuous enhancement of Slack’s platform.

Frank will talk about the strategic underpinnings of Slack’s product structure, encompassing its core messaging platform, productivity features like apps, automations, and workflow builders, and the metrics he uses to measure the product success of the developer platform. The discussion explores the personas Slack caters to, aiming for a broader engagement across developers, non-technical users, and end users.

Delving into the architecture of the platform team, the conversation explores the foundational API layer, developer experience, ecosystem layer, and end-user experience, supported by a robust team of approx. 125 professionals across Product, Design, and Engineering.


Frank Harris

VP of Product, Platform at Slack. Held roles at Google, Etsy and InVision.

Frank is an accomplished leader with over 20 years of working in software development. He began his career in engineering before joining Google as a UX Designer working on search experiences. He designed the original set of transit icons on Google Maps — which, to date, might be the only thing his family understands about his career. 😉 Later, he joined Etsy pre-IPO and helped build out their search and discovery experience and a new sustainable, high-margin revenue stream in the form if search-based advertising for sellers. Since then, he’s led product teams at Betterment (fintech), Casper (direct-to-consumer), and InVision (SaaS). Currently, he’s the VP of Product for the Slack Platform. Frank resides in Brooklyn, NY, with his wife, two small daughters, and their not-always-helpful truffle dog, Sadie.


Stefan Vosskötter

Founder of Digitale Leute and Moderator.

Stefan is the founder of Digitale Leute and Deutsche Startups. Since 2005, he has successfully founded various internet startups and has mostly taken the product owner role in these projects. With Digitale Leute he and his team provide deep insights into the different job roles in digital product development and how the world’s greatest companies develop their software products.