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Get the FullStory: How to find hidden friction points and perfect the UX with Digital Experience Intelligence

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Don’t settle for data that just tells you „what“ is happening. FullStory automatically and retroactively captures every interaction thanks to Autocapture, so you can also uncover the „why“ behind problems and opportunities on your website or app. We’ll show how DXI (digital experience intelligence) helps you make decisions based on real user experiences: Find and prioritize bugs easily and quickly, identify the business impact of new features, and share user journey insights directly with your teams.


Lars Schleibach

Senior Solution Engineer at FullStory.

Lars Schleibach is a solution engineer at FullStory where he enables prospective customers to understand how to use FullStory professionally in their daily business and provide insights into technical details surrounding the platform and implementation. Lars has worked for several US based software companies in positions ranging from post-sales consulting, to technical pre-sales and solution engineering leadership. For the past year at FullStory, Lars has been working to bring professional level session replay and product analytics to the German Market.